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Delivered by Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana

06 December 2023

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Dr. Olimjon Tuychiev, Director of Agency for Innovative Development, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovations, Republic of Uzbekistan,

Excellencies, Distinguished members of the Governing Council, ladies and gentlemen, 

It is my pleasure to address you at the 19th session of the Governing Council of the Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT).

This meeting is important for reviewing the activities and the results achieved by the Centre over the past year and to discuss the proposed programme of work for next year to meet the current priorities and needs of member States.

I would like to thank the Agency for Innovative Development of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovations, Uzbekistan, for hosting this session.

The Asia-Pacific region is affected by multiple challenges, including climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss and natural disasters, which negatively impact economies and societies.

In tackling these challenges, innovation and technology are crucial.   ESCAP Resolution 79/1 from this year’s Commission session emphasizes the urgency of scaling up action and support, including finance, capacity-building and technology transfer, to strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change while taking into account the priorities and needs of developing countries. It also recommends fostering regional cooperation and partnerships to respond to the climate change-related challenges in the region.

To facilitate this endeavor, APCTT serves as a collaborative platform for multistakeholder engagements in technology cooperation and transfer across the region. Understanding that the multistakeholder approach must be inclusive across sectors, the Centre strengthens the capacities of member States through capacity building, policy advice and knowledge-sharing in critical areas of technology and innovation.

As we gather today, your deliberations and recommendations in this session will be very important for designing APCTT’s future programme of work. With your support, the Centre will deliver tangible benefits by strengthening stakeholders’ capacity for innovation, technology transfer, adoption and diffusion.

In conclusion, let me express my sincere gratitude to the member States for their unwavering support for APCTT. A shared vision and collective actions are crucial for achieving sustainable development in the region.

I wish you a very successful session of the Governing Council.

Thank you very much.


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