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Trade, Investment & Innovation

Innovation, Enterprise and Investment

To meet the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), technology and innovation need to be directed toward solving the pressing economic, social and environmental challenges of our time. Inclusive innovation - that goes beyond economic imperatives to include social and environmental goals and leaves no one behind - must be at the heart of technology, innovation and industrial policies. In this context, ESCAP’s offering to member States includes policy research, policy advice, and capacity building in the following areas:

Inclusive technology and innovation policies for the SDGs

  • Aligning national, sub-regional and regional technology and innovation policies to the SDGs.
  • Integrating inclusive dimensions into technology and innovation policies.

Policy frameworks to promote private sector innovation for the SDGs

  • Impact economy policies to enable inclusive business, social enterprise, and innovative financing (FinTech and impact investing).

Frontier technology policies for the SDGs

  • Frontier technology and digital economy policies.
  • Inclusive E-commerce.

Women’s Entrepreneurship

  • Tailoring FinTech and innovative finance solutions to the needs of women enterprises.
  • Innovative financing solutions, regulations and policies which create an enabling ecosystem for women enterprises to thrive.
  • Advocacy and convening of public and private sector stakeholders to catalyze women’s entrepreneurship.