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Ulaanbaatar - 18 Oct 2022

Photo of Dry Port Workshop 2022

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Subregional Office for East and North-East Asia and the Investment Research Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia jointly organized a technical consultation workshop on dry ports development on 18 October 2022 in Ulaanbaatar. Officials from government ministries and authorities in Mongolia involved on dry ports development participated, including from transport, customs, economic development, urban planning, and free economic zones. Representatives from logistics sector, freight forwarders and business associations also attended.      

For landlocked Mongolia, dry ports development is important in facilitating seamless connectivity and access to sea ports of China and the Russian Federation along the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor. Officials from China and the Russian Federation working on transport, customs and logistics also participated and provided updates on dry ports developments related to the trilateral partnership. 

Participants discussed the recommendations of the technical assessment study of Mongolia’s dry ports. Development agencies and partners also shared dry ports-related projects and studies. Representatives from other landlocked countries such as Kazakhstan shared their good practices on dry ports development. 

Dry ports development is one of the key areas of Mongolia’s New Economic Recovery Policy, which aims to create an enabling condition for the effective implementation of Mongolia’s Vision-2050. ESCAP’s support to countries on dry ports development is anchored on the Intergovernmental Agreement on Dry Ports and is in line with the priority areas of the work programme in East and North-East Asia on sustainable connectivity. 

Further information of the workshop outcomes and presentations are available at:   

News release from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia (Mongolian version):

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