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Bangkok - 15 Nov 2022

News Number: PI/07/2022

Power lines

As delegations from around the world participated in COP27 negotiations to limit global warming in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt, the Ministry of Energy and Power of Pakistan launched the country's new SDG7 Road Map. The Road Map was developed with the ESCAP National Expert SDG Tool for Energy Planning (NEXSTEP). Energy Foundation China (EFC) and the Sustainable Development Policy Institute also assisted in analysing Pakistan’s energy sector and identifying pathways to achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goal 7­.

Pakistan is one of the most challenged nations in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of sustainable energy, and thus the Road Map represents a significant milestone in putting the nation on an accelerated path toward expanding access to clean and modern energy for all, as well as increasing energy efficiency and raising the share of renewable energy in the energy mix, which are central action areas in the climate agenda.

The Road Map contains a matrix of technological options and enabling policy measures for the Government to consider. It presents three core scenarios (business-as-usual, current-policies and SDG achievement) along an ambitious power sector decarbonization scenario. Scenarios have been developed using national data, consider existing energy policies and strategies, and reflect on the nation’s other development plans. These evidence-based scenarios are expected to facilitate informed decisions toward the development and implementation of a set of policies and measures to achieve SDG7 by 2030, together with the NDC.

The Road Map was launched at the ESCAP/EFC COP27 side event, “Partnerships to Promote Sustainable Energy,” which highlighted outcomes of successful ESCAP-led partnerships and facilitated discussion on the collaborative models needed to effectively put national sustainable energy and decarbonization road maps and plans into motion.

Pakistan’s National SDG7 Road Map is available for download here. To date, ESCAP has supported the development of 16 national and subnational roadmaps across the Asia-Pacific region.

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