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Russian Federation - 15 Nov 2022

Photo_Tumem region countries engange on transport digitalization

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Subregional Office for East and North-East Asia together with the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) Secretariat and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (Country Chair of the 11th GTI Transport Board) jointly organized the 3rd ESCAP-GTI Seminar on Transport Issues in North-East Asia on 15 November 2022. 

Conducted on a hybrid format, the Seminar focused on the theme "Digitalization of Transport towards Resilient, Seamless and Sustainable Connectivity". The Seminar aimed to: inform on factors and developments influencing the acceleration of transport digitalization; share perspectives on transport digitalization among GTI member countries; and identify areas of possible projects and collaborations on innovative solutions in support of the GTI Regional Transport Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2024.

During the session presentations, experts highlighted that the recent crises accelerated digitalization in the transport sector. Emerging trends on smart transport systems as well as challenges and opportunities for digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region were discussed.  Participants were informed of existing knowledge resources and tools to facilitate transport digitalization including AIIB’s Infratech Platform for technology-enabled infrastructure, RUT’s work on carbon footprint calculators, and ESCAP’s capacity building activities for accelerated rail digital transformation.

GTI member countries further shared insights on national developments related to transport digitalization. These include digital logistics and information sharing in China; developments on transport digitalization in Mongolia; digital transformation of Russian Railways; approaches and technologies for seamless cross-border transportation of goods by rail; and prospects of transport cooperation on digitalization in the Greater Eurasia. The outcomes of the Seminar were reported to transport officials during the 11th GTI Transport Board meeting held on 16 November 2022. 

The Seminar is one of the joint initiatives under the ESCAP-GTI Memorandum of Understanding, which was extended in August 2022 for the next five years until 2027. In line with the MOU, ESCAP and GTI committed to further strengthen cooperation in fostering seamless, efficient and resilient cross-border transport connectivity, and environmentally sustainable transport systems. The Seminar is held annually in conjunction with the GTI Transport Board meetings. For the Seminar in 2023, ESCAP ENEA Office will work closely with GTI Secretariat and China as the country chair of the 12th GTI Transport Board. 

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