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Extreme weather events and natural hazards have become more frequent and intense. Asia and the Pacific remains the most disaster-prone region in the world where 2 million people have lost theirlives to disasters since 1970.

The Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2023 demonstrates that the existing disaster risk hotspots are forecasted to face more frequent and intense disasters and new risk hotspots are expected to emerge.

To protect people and the development gains, the Report urges for transformative adaptation measures, including increased investments in multi-hazard early warning systems, innovation and scientific breakthroughs capable of advancing early warnings and nature-based solutions.

In the absence of immediate action, temperature rises of 1.5°C and 2°C will cause disaster risk to outpace resilience beyond the limits of feasible adaptation and imperil sustainable development. The Report makes the case for scaling up regional cooperation to ensure disaster resilience is never outpaced by disaster risk in Asia and the Pacific