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A recent report of UNEP: “Air Pollution in Asia and the Pacific: Science-based solutions, 2019”  indicates that some 2.3 billion people in the region are exposed to levels of air pollution several times the WHO guideline for safe air. If the current condition persists, this may threaten the region’s continued growth, and potentially prompt regression away from the SDG targets.

The Jambi Air Pollution Action Plan is an output of the “Urban Air Pollution Project”, an urban air pollution mitigation program supported by the Korea-ESCAP Cooperation Fund (KECF). The “Urban Air Pollution Project” focuses on reviewing the air pollution situation in the Asia-Pacific region and through the collaborative mechanisms of co-production and co-delivery, developing pathways forward to assist policy makers at the central/local level in providing opportunities for exchange of experience and knowledge, and by enhancing their awareness and capacity.