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The sustainable Development Goal 9 (SDG 9) focuses on industrialisation, innovation, and infrastructure. This goal holds significant relevance for South and South-West Asia (SSWA) since the subregion has not yet fully realized its potential in these domains. Compared to the East Asia and the Pacific, the proportion of manufacturing to GDP in SSWA is noticeably lower. However, it's worth noting that countries such as Bangladesh and India are making commendable progress, predominantly in the textile sector. Despite these advancements, there exist challenges that hamper the swift progression of this goal in the subregion. Among these challenges are the global Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. This paper dive deeper into some of the existing challenges facing the subregion and offers policy suggestions to advance SDG-9 and points out the untapped potential of Regional Value Chains (GVC) in enhancing manufacturing. It further emphasises improving intra-regional trade and optimising transport and border facilities in accelerating progress towards achieving the SDG9. The importance of developing cross-border renewable energy infrastructure and strengthening Science Technology and Innovation (STI) capabilities is highlighted as sustainable path to industrialisation in the subregion. By adopting these approaches and promoting subregional partnerships, the SSWA subregion can achieve sustainable prosperity for its people.

JEL Codes(s): L30, L38, L78, O14, O25