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NEASPEC member States play critical roles in all dimensions of global sustainable development. With 23% of the world’s population to support, they contribute 28% of the global GDP, 30% of Foreign Direct Investment and 33% of the world’s primary energy supply. While driving global economic growth, the six member States also account for a large share of global environmental challenges including around 40% global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and 20% of global tree cover loss.

As the first intergovernmental mechanism in North-East Asia, NEASPEC has been promoting environmental collaboration between developed and developing countries with a permanent secretariat established in ESCAP-ENEA.

Serving as the most comprehensive multilateral mechanism connecting global goals, subregional priorities and national needs on the environment and sustainable development in North-East Asia, NEASPEC takes a step-by-step and practical approach to progress subregional cooperation and currently works on five programmatic areas jointly identified by member States as subregional priorities.