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29 to 31 October 2024 | By invitation only

Established in 1994 and in operation since 1999, the ICC on RESAP was tasked to provide ESCAP with policy and technical advice for the most effective use of space technology and applications for achieving sustainable development of the region. Currently, the ICC has 35 members from ESCAP members and associate members 

The upcoming session discuss strategies and initiatives to sustain the momentum of implementing the Jakarta Ministerial Declaration on Space Applications for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific which, among others, calls for accelerating the implementation of the Asia-Pacific Plan of Action on Sustainable Development for Asia-Pacific (2018-2030) in its Phase II (2022-2026), by better integrating digital technologies and innovations with traditional space applications and furthering geospatial information applications.

Co-organized by the ESCAP secretariat and the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies (ACCIMT), regional workshops and side events, including the launch of the 2024 edition of the Geospatial Practices for Sustainable Development in East and North-East Asia, will be also held  

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