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02 to 04 December 2024 | Open meeting

United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

The 13th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development is scheduled to take place under the theme of “Just Energy Transition” on 2-3 December 2024 at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. The Forum will be jointly organized by the five United Nations Regional Commissions. 

Energy transition, in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, is the key transformation needed to achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Energy transition is also the key to achieving the Paris Agreement. Given that the energy sector is responsible for more than two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable energy transition is critical to achieving the Paris Agreement. The progress in achieving SDG 7-responsive energy transition, however, has been far less than what is needed. Concerted efforts are required by all levels of stakeholders to accelerate the energy transition to enable achievement of SDG 7 and NDCs. 

The energy transition landscape is in a constant state of evolution. The call made at COP28 to triple the renewable energy generation capacity and double the rate of energy efficiency underscore the significant challenges ahead for governments, businesses, research institutions and civil society organizations. Maximizing the utilization of digital technologies and artificial intelligence to advance energy transition is also imperative. Similarly, mainstreaming gender in energy planning and policy development will be important for its success. There is also a growing momentum towards phasing out coal from power generation, highlighting the importance of a just energy transition to ensure inclusivity and alignment with sustainable development principles. 

The 13th Forum in Bangkok will explore pathways to accelerate the energy transition and ensure that the transition is “just”. Experts from the energy sector, representatives from governments, UN entities, international organizations and other stakeholders will discuss major issues and demonstrate actions to just energy transition. There will be a series of roundtables, parallel sessions and side events about energy issues such as access to clean cooking, access to electricity, renewable energy, energy efficiency, digitalization and artificial intelligence, gender mainstreaming, youth in energy and cleaner use of fossil fuels. 

*Agenda/programme will be coming soon. 

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