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29 to 30 April 2024 | By invitation only

The High-Level Regional Conference on Accelerating Rail Digital Transformation held in New Delhi on 5-6 April 2023 deliberated on a Strategy 2030 on Accelerating Rail Digital Transformation in Asia-Pacific that was adopted at the Eighth Meeting of the Working Group on Trans-Asian railway network held in September 2023 with aim to ramp up rail digitalization initiatives in the region. The strategy identified rail cybersecurity as a cross cutting area of regional importance in context of rail digitalization initiatives and suggested developing a regional framework on rail cybersecurity based to global good practices and tailored to the requirements of the region.  Accordingly, the Expert Group Meeting will dedicate its first session to leveraging digitalization for strengthened rail connectivity .

Furthermore, coordination among different subregions is imperative to harness the full potential of emerging opportunities for international railway transport along the Trans-Asian Railway network. A good example of this is the recently operationalized railway link between China and Lao PDR, which can enhance the connectivity of countries in South-East Asia (SEA) with other sub-regions and, notably, North and Central Asia (NCA). Against that background, ESCAP has started implementing a project on leveraging Trans-Asian Railway for efficient and resilient transport network in ASEAN and beyond. Accordingly, the captioned Expert Group Meeting will also have a session on strengthening rail connectivity between South-East and North and Central Asia.

The final session of the Expert Group Meeting will serve to support an open discussion to identify other key issues in strengthening rail connectivity among various sub-regions of ESCAP.

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