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11 to 12 July 2023 | By invitation only

The concept of smart transport systems, including Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), have been introduced and implemented over the last decade and have proved their potential benefits in improving road safety, and reducing traffic congestion and environmental impacts in the Asia-Pacific region. While some countries in the region have emerged as world leaders in testing and deploying such technologies, many countries are still in the early stage of utilizing smart transport systems or yet to initiate the transition towards smart transport systems. 

To fully leverage the benefits of smart transport systems, the Expert Group Meeting and Regional Meeting on Intelligent Transport Systems Development and Operation for Sustainable Transport Systems in Asia and the Pacific in 2019 identified regional cooperation with adequate overarching strategies and plans as a priority in fostering wider deployment of smart transport systems in this region. Furthermore, the development of a regional road map for smart transport systems and the use of big data to improve traffic and other urban transport issues were identified as indicators of achievement under the key thematic area, “Digitalization of Transport” of the Regional Action Programme for Sustainable Transport Development in Asia and the Pacific (2022-2026), adopted at the fourth session of the Ministerial Conference on Transport in December 2021. 

Against this backdrop, ESCAP Transport Division is implementing two major projects aiming to develop the first regional road map which will include a package of strategies and policy plans on smart transport systems, and to provide guidelines for formulating policies and strategies by using transport big data from smart transport systems. As part of these efforts, ESCAP Transport Division is organizing the Regional Meeting on Developing a Regional Road Map to Support Regional Cooperation for the Wider Deployment of Sustainable Smart Transport Systems and the Expert Group Meeting on Promoting the Utilization of Transport Big Data from Smart Transport Systems in the Asia-Pacific Region for the Achievement of Sustainable Transport to be held back-to-back in a hybrid format in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 11-13 July 2023.

The Regional Meeting will discuss the necessity, challenges and issues of the development of smart transport systems, and finalize the proposed regional road map. Furthermore, the draft Declaration to promote regional cooperation for the harmonized deployment of sustainable smart transport systems in Asia and the Pacific will be tabled for consideration and adoption by the participants. The Expert Group Meeting will identify current status, challenges, issues and needs from member countries for the use of transport big data, and share views, ideas and lessons learned of smart transport-related plans and strategies with transport big data at the country level.

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