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20 November 2023 | By invitation only

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The world is witnessing a substantial increase in the number of older adults. This demographic transition is driven by factors such as increased life expectancy and declining birth rates. By 2050, it is estimated that nearly 22% of the global population will be aged 60 or older. This shift places tremendous pressure on healthcare systems, social services, and the overall well-being of older individuals.

East Asia, hosts China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, which hosts high urban density and rapidly ageing populations with the estimated median ages of 37.9, 48.4 and 43.4 respectively. Digital Innovation plays a vital role in addressing the challenges associated with an ageing population.

In this session, the objective is to explore the approaches of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea in accelerating digital innovation adoption amongst older adults and with cases on how the implementation of the digital process is taking place in each country.

This will also be followed by exploring the trends, opportunities and challenges to be faced by the countries, as we move forward towards 2050 and the demographic, education and development pathways continue to develop and what that could mean for the future of ageing in these countries.

20 Nov 2023
Opening and Welcome

HAO Zhirong, Director, Division of Outreach and Communication, CIKD

Presentations on the country approaches of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea in accelerating digital innovation adoption among older adults and select cases of digital innovations
  • Dr. Feng Wenmeng, Research Office Director and Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Public Administration and Human Resources, Development Research Center of the State Council of China (DRC)
  • Dr. Komazawa Osuke, Senior Director, Human Development Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency.
  • Dr. Moon Choi, Head of Ageing and Technology Policy, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.
Roundtable discussions on Country Approaches
Roundtable Discussion on Trends, Opportunities and Challenges towards Ageing to 2050, based upon the changing demographics of the country, development pathways and changes in literacy and education levels impacting outlook for challenges.
  • Dr. Liu Jianbing, Director, Key Laboratory on Service Engineering and Smart Health for Seniors of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (10 mins)
Sharing of ESCAP Activities on Ageing

Napaphat Satchanawakul, Social Affairs Officer, UNESCAP

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