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2nd asia pacific regulatory forum for power system connectivity


At the 77th Commission Session in 2021, UN ESCAP Member States endorsed the regional road map on power system connectivity.1 Among the nine strategies contained in this document is one that highlights regulatory harmonization as key to supporting sustainable power system integration across the region. Specifically:

• Strategy 4: coordinate, harmonize and institutionalize policy and regulatory frameworks

This strategy highlights the need to identify existing regulatory gaps, to develop common regulatory frameworks to support cross-border power trade, and to establish forums and associations to support regulatory collaboration in areas like harmonization, capacity building, and knowledge sharing.

ESCAP convened the first Forum in July 2022. The second Forum followed up on the success of the first Forum. The Forum invited energy regulators, representatives from government agencies, and other relevant stakeholders from ESCAP member States to share experiences supporting efforts to increase cross-border power sector connectivity and the energy transition more broadly. Speakers from outside the region also to provided their perspectives on relevant regulatory challenges and how to overcome them, with a special focus on roles for energy regulators in regional collaboration.

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